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The Last Of Us Part 1: Streets

I had the amazing opportunity of working alongside the talented team at Naughty Dog contributing as Principal Environment artist on The Last of Us Part 1. A project like this is a massive effort that spans many people and departments, but I would like to thank some of my close collaborators including (but not limited to):

Texture Artist: Tiffany Nguyen
Lighting Artist: Antoine Deschamps
Wide Artist: Ryan Burke
Graphic Design: Hailey Del Rio
Outsourcing: Carlos Rodriguez, Mark Pajarillo, Ashleigh Dale
Scripting: Luna Zhao
Foreground: Christophe Desse, Michel Hatfield, Kyle Owens
Visibility: Ashleigh Dale
FX Artist: MJ Whiting
Production: Lydia Yi, Zach Gonzalez
QA: Brandon LeCadre